Success never calls in sick.

Success never calls in sick

Writing down your goals every single day.

Thousands of entrepreneurs like @grantcardone@sethgodinblog-blog to even Napoleon Hill and others have not only preached this, but they’ve lived this for decades. Every morning should start exactly the same way: write down your 3X Mission: what are your goals for the day, week, and / or year. Some vary it depending upon their method, but the principle is the same. Always start the same way and never deviate.

In Charles Duhigg’s brilliant book, Smarter Faster Better, he emphasized an entire chapter on Goal Setting. It pushed how important daily goal setting was (as well as SMART goal setting).

And remember, Success never takes a day off; Success never calls in sick. Always start your day with your goals. If you are tired of not making it, coming up short, or just sucking, take 90 seconds and write tough goals every day. The goals themselves don’t change you, but they are the beginning of change that will.

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