Quick Guide to CX Trends That Will Crush in 2019

It’s seems everyone is buzzing about CX and customer obsession.

There were a lot of trends pushed in CX and call centers in 2017 and the first half of 2018. From virtual agent to more widespread cloud technology, it seems the Digital Age continues to be in the forefront for all things CX. But what’s next as we close out the year? What can we expect to be released be major technology providers, brands, and thought leaders? Here are the three major trends in the CX industry that should lead us into 2019:

Mammoth Trend 1: Tying the entire CX to the Core Business Objectives

Too many times business leaders look at CX in a vacuum. They get weekly NPR scores, SurveyMonkey results, or (even more granular) call abandonment rates but many times fail to connect the proverbial dots. CX is well beyond one data point or score (in fact, the thought leading company on customer feedback, Qualtrics, has multiple suggestions on how and when to survey your customers).

Business leaders will begin to tie all CX data together into simpler, more comprehensive scoring that is supportive towards the overall company objectives and mission. For example, Instagram followers, Twitter retweets, Facebook likes, and LinkedIn leads will all contribute to social scores and brand impressions that will have attribution scores that can be correlated to customer satisfaction (and revenue stickiness). In the future, all of those will be tied together so that your CX reps can communicate with your customers via Snapchat, or Facebook Messenger, or whatever social channel is necessary. It’s how your customer is preferring to communicate, why are you insisting they stay on text, chat, email, or phone?

Mammoth Trend 2: Better analytics and visualizations

Data is everything. Peter Drucker said it:

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” – Peter F. Drucker

As companies continue to play catch up to the silicon slopes unicorn Domo, who just announced their plans to go IPO, they have demonstrated just how essential data is. Langley Eide, Chief Strategy Officer of Data Analytics Alteryx said,

“Data is essentially the new oil.”

Imagine the impact of that statement now from a CX perspective. Consider all of the analytics we have about a customers that not only impact buying decisions, but also influence their level of satisfaction. Our ability to better understand, visualize, and act on our customer data will change the way we influence our customers.

Plain the simple: the brands that win the data analytics war will be the brands that win the market share of whatever industry they are in.


Mammoth Trend 3: The Personal Assistant

True CX is about providing the right experience for each and every customer each and every time regardless of the challenge or obstacle. There is a common misconception that CX and revenue generation cannot completely coexist in the same channel. The future of CX has these two “competing” lines merge whereas a customer who unequivocally and unquestionably gets their needs meet will more often than not generate more revenue for the company in some fashion. This will expand into the AI world and the “voice first” mentality.

Look for future expansion into Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomePod to greatly improve your CX experience as you engage with brands. In Segment’s 2017 State of Personalization Report, 71% consumers find impersonal experiences very frustrating. Look for more and more brands finding ways to personalize the CX experience via text and social media. Customers want a personal experience and AI will help give them that. First from their kitchens and living rooms, and soon their cars and offices.

Every company must but thinking “voice first,” even in a labor-intensive operation like call centers.

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