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Sales Mastery from Les Miserables Every Entrepreneur Needs Today

You have to read if you want to be better (and read the best to be the best). This post gives essential tips from Les Miserables by Victor Hugo that every entrepreneur and sales must learn.

Here are the Top 7 Articles of the Week:

  1. How to Use the 4 Ds of Effective Time Managment by Bryan Collins. Time Management? How about Time Control. Leaders don’t manage their time – they control it. Collins gives great tips for anyone wanting to vastly improve their productivity and do more every single day.
  2. Ten Signs Your Smarter Than You Think by Liz Ryan. Knowing your personal EQ is essential and self-doubt is a killer. Ryan does an incredible job teaching how to measure what you know as well as emphasizing the importance of training. Professionals train every day.
  3. Powers in Marketing Get the skinny on what you should read and why you should read it. This insight really sets the stage for the remainder of 2018 and what is next for Marketers.
  4. Investing in Crypto-Currency: a Beginner’s Guide This is the perfect source for anyone trying to learn about crypto and crypto investing. I’ve talked to so many who struggle with the entire concept, and this source can give you a head start to know where to invest, how to invest, and what scams to avoid.
  5. The Digital Transformation Of Accounting and Finance – AI, Robots, and Chatbots by Bernard MarrThe future is now. If you aren’t asking about Amazon, voice, AI, and how digital technology is changing your business, then you are 10 quarters behind. Marr describes what is coming and how to get ahead.
  6. 9 Proven Anxiety-Reducing Strategies For Introverts at Networking Events by Darrah Brustein. Brustein provides strong insight here into why introverts feel the way the do and more importantly, what they can do about it. Connecting with people is what all business is about and it is necessary for all of us to deal with the fears and anxieties of that social pressure. Brustein tips and advice is applicable for anyone, not just introverts, and is a fantastic guide.
  7. 8 Strategies to Embrace the Future of Content Marketing by HubSpot. My friends at HubSpot deliver solid content once again on Content Marketing and how best to drive actionable content to your customer base. If you are wanting a strong step-by-step guide, this is your source. I highly recommend following HubSpot on a regular basis.
  8. The Biggest Resume Mistake You Can Make by Liz Ryan. I was recently interviewing a fantastic candidate who almost didn’t even make the interview for one reason: their resume was terrible. Liz does a fantastic job writing up why you need to not only sell yourself in your resume, but really make avoid what she calls “Zombie Speak.” This is a brilliant piece and anyone job-hunting or on the market has to stop and read this right now. Great work.
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